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Latin American magic realism is represented by its literature, music, dancing and familty ties.  Let's revive those magic latin moments by sharing the essence of this culture. platform allows us to identify the latin activity of our preference and sharing it with those that want to share the dancing, music and gatherings that reach the spirit and bring happiness to many.

Register to the following events:

1. Gala night.  A proper dress code is requested.  Ladies are expected to wear gala dresses and gentlement suits with tie.  Entrance will be superviced to ensure the proper dress code is respected by all.  Bring family and friends, this is a familty time, all family members share the dancing floor with the most popular Latin American songs that have broguht unforgetable times for Latin famillies for almost a century.

2. Latin Story Teller.  A native spanish speaker will present in Spanish the most fascinating stories from the Latin American countryside. 

3. Latin Bohemia.  Spanish and portuguese singers will perform famous songs that have been heard for more than three generations all over Latin America.

4. Spanish Hicking.  If you want to improve your Spanish as you practise this healthy activity check the events calendar and book your spot.  A native Spanish speaker will lead hikes around the Lower Mainland to share fun spanish conversations.

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